Secure domain cant make it work

Hello everybody,
I have set up jitsi with the quick install guide on debian 10 and i am trying to secure my room with secure domain.

I create my domain as and my guests domain as

When i connect using its working, i can create the room but with nothing, i can create room but that it, i cant join the room created by

I dont see any error on my server side, and my firefox tell me something about Same origin


I am losing my mind here,can somebody help me?

You don’t need to access the site as “” that is just some config, it need not exist in real life. Plase paste the config you have for prosody and jiccofo, also config.js for jitsi meet.

ok thank you saghul for your help here the files: (46 Bytes) (15.9 KB) (1.7 KB)

I change the name of my server to because they are a confusion in prosody if i use

But i have a question about what your said, because i think i didnt understand something:
I have declared 2 names in my dns , and
Both have the same address (my jitsi server address). If i understand correctly you have to create a room first with a user (create by prosodyctl) using the adress
And only after anyone without authentification can connect to this room by using the adress

Am i wrong?

That is not correct. You only need 1 domain name: When you configure auth you have 2 choices: allow guests to join rooms already ccreated by registered users (guests would have to wait until an authenticated user has joined) or always require auth for all users. If you want the latter, remove the VirtualHost and comment the anonymousdomain line in config.js. If you want the former, everything is already ok. Just use the user.tirsa.ccom domain for everyone.

Ok, that it, i just didn’t understand the topic.

Thank you for your help

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