Secure creating chat rooms

Hello to all… ive checked in all forums and google it a lot, but i need to secure the access to go to jitsee meet front page (the one that let you create rooms) It can be possible ???

Thanks to all !

Welcome page cannot be secured at the moment, the authentication comes when joining a conference.

Hi guys,

I need to run Jitsi Meet integrated with my project and restrict access to rooms to only users of my project.

I don’t see how to make this restriction on Jitsi Meet doc ou Jitsi Meet API doc, except the option to set a password, but this is a weak solution in my case.

Any idea about how to solve this?

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Silas Ribas


Thanks :smiley:

@damencho this don’t solve me problem. This solution is a creation only restriction. But I need to block anyone trying to enter on room without a user valid in my system.

I try tokens and this broke my instalation and everything is down. I try tokens and this broke my installation and everything is down. I removed the packages and configurations but everything continues broken.

Testing /http-bind return 502 and in console return:

curl http://localhost:5280/http-bind
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 5280: Connection refused

Prosody log:
Couldn’t write pidfile at /var/run/prosody/;

Meet is back!
For any reason, /var/run/prosody/ isn’t created. chmod in /var/run/prosody/ solve and jitsi meet is back.