Second videobridge not relaying over TURN

Dear community,

I’m struggling configuring Jitsi Meet to use multiple videobridges. My setup is running on Microsoft Azure with two virtual machines. Machine #1 is hosting nginx, coturn, prosody, jicofo, jvb and jigasi. Everything is working fine and I can relay through TURN/TURNS if a client is running behind a restrictive firefwall.

The second machine is only running jvb, which succesfully connects to jicofo/prosody on the first machine. Moreover, the public IP of the second machine is determined succesfully via STUN on the first machine. However, if a client is behind a corporate firewall and the conference is hosted on the second jvb instance, then the streams are not relayed through TURN/TURNS.

Is there something I have missed in my setup? Do I need another coturn instance running on the second machine or is this a configuration issue?

Best wishes,

Eduard Itrich