Second participant breaks conference

Hi all, newbie question :slight_smile:

docker based installation. Issue with Android App described here: Android immediately disconnects, always

Browser-based (PC) access is also an issue:

When connecting via HTTP, two participants can see each other and chat. no video/no audio, works as designed, afai read the docs.

But when connected via HTTPS, valid certificate is available, the second participant, when entering, breaks the conference. Looks very similar to the several “behind NAT / LAN” threads here, but the 2 PCs I’m testing are in the same LAN, even in the same SOHO subnet, so maybe a misunderstanding by me?

SOLVED without changing a single bit. Works now. Sometimes video of one participant freezes. Exit / re-enter conf usually fixes this. Works even when one “particpant” is logged into company vpn now, cool.

Not sure what this means, as I really haven’t changed anything :slight_smile: