Search participants and add phone numbers from a unique contacts list

Hello guys,

I’m new to the Jitsi environment. I’ve installed a month ago and it’s pretty amazing. My situation is this:

I have a Ubuntu server 20.04.6 LTS with Jigasi connected to my Asterisk server working. The video conferencing is also working. I’m able to call to my SIP accounts from any conference, and the extensions can join the conference from Asterisk. I intend to use Jitsi with multi-tenancy.

On my asterisk server i have an extensions lists which i intend to use as my contact list for each tenancy.

During some meeting, i’d like to be able to search and add to the conferece any of the contacts listed in my Asterisk.

I’ve tried to config dialInNumbersUrl pointed to usr/share/jitsi-meet/phone_numbers.json (this file with some sample contacts), but it did not work. I’m also saw the there’s a peoplesearchurl config, but even after a lot research i could not find any docs to implement this.

does anyone face a similar problem or have any suggestion?

It’ll be very appreciate.


peopleSearchQueryTypes: ['conferenceRooms'],
peopleSearchUrl: 'https://your-jitsi-address/static/dial-plan.json',

Sample dial-plan.json

Hi @emrah, thanks, but unfortunately as you can see below, this configuration didn’t work out. i can see in the chrome inspector, that Jitsi did not execute any request to search for 1000 number. the json file is ok at this address

This page is not responding

You need to open the invite people dialog and search there you were searching in the participant pane, for a participant with name 1000.

hello, the server as off, now it’s online, but unfortunately it still not working

Do you have invite button in participants pane?

@damencho and @emrah thanks your help, but i’ve done that, in my “config.js”, i’m using the settings below:

enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: true,
peopleSearchQueryTypes: ['conferenceRooms'],
peopleSearchUrl: '',

my url is and it’s working.

when a try to search for 1000 in the searching pane, nothing happens, i’ve check the Network inspect in chrome and any request is made when i tried to search:

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 15.11.34

You are searching whether in the participants of the current meeting there is one with name 1000. You are using the wrong search box.

would be here? because it did not search for the contacts as well

Yep, there.

ok @damencho,

however, it’s still not working, when i start typing the user name, it does not show a window with the result search…and when i try to cal the 1000, it does not work.

This works only when having a token

ok i got it, could you explain how to configure jitsi to use a token? because i’m using the code below at my jicofo.conf:

jicofo {
  authentication: {
    enabled: true
    type: XMPP

hi @damencho and @emrah, thank you,

it worked. now i’m able to auth via token and open a modal with my contact list from in the invite button. It just worked using the token created via, so thank you.

I’ve seen there are two type of contacts jitsi can handle: “user” and “videosipgw”. i understood that this last one requires jibri in order to work.

But for the “user” contact type, i need to be able to create a custom script to send an invitation with the conference’s url in contact’s mail address for example.

do you know how could i do that?

You should be able to set inviteServiceUrl in config.js and the selection should be sent to that url using the user token that did that.

great, i’m gonna try that…congratulations for your work, Jitsi is amazing.

@damencho something is just realize after starting using the token auth is: in order to create a new meeting is mandatory to create a token, but how could this token to be automatically create for the first user? if you go to and try to create a new meeting, you’ll see you can’t. that is, because now it needs a token. how can i solve that? before the token setup, it was just click on “start a meeting” and it worked.

You need something to generate you a token, normally that is tight to your authentication mechanism and you create a token based on your user authenticating and then pass the token to the iframe.
We have a token-generator debian package which can be used to generate a client token … there is also a small example I recently did (it is an nginx hack) that generates tokens to use with jaas for all meetings but this means there are not guests … you can find it under jitsi-meet source code in doc/jaas.