SDK Compilation issue

I am compiling the Jist and WebRTC framework, following the documentation guidelines as shown in given link

but the issue is I am only able to see the Jitsi sdk inside ios - out directory but there is no folder of webrtc. it was working fine in previous versions.

Following is the last line where I am getting this error.

cp: node_modules/react-native-webrtc/apple/WebRTC.xcframework: No such file or directory

Ops, we need to update that. That step is no longer necessary. That famerowrk is provided by the JitsiWebRTC pod.

@Grass2Class Did u complete the rest of the integration? Could you please help

Yes. There is no further issues I have . in fact I ported Jitsi into Xamarin by creating a IOS library and its working fine.

Can you please explain the rest of the steps. Like where to put all the files and all.