Script: Jicofo log analyzer

Thanks @emrah ,
I pulled the code again. And this time I got the following error:
./jicofo-log-analyzer: line 129: actions[$room]: bad array subscript
Please help me the fix the script

I committed a new change. Could you try again?
If not working then could you send me your log?

[|attachment](upload://b0AFYU@emrah 7UWKd3mGR7yokzkgdBl.txt) (277.5 KB)
Thank you @emrah for working on my special case.
I downloaded the latest version, but the same error showed up.
Please find in the attachment my jicofo.log file. I changed only the hostname, using the extension txt for a zip file to save the storage.
Many thanks

I didn’t understand how I can download your log. Is the download link missing?

@emrah Sorry for my negligence. Here is the link to the file - Google Drive
Many thanks

Hello @mstran,

The format of this log file is old. It’s not used anymore. The script works for the current format

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Thank you @emrah.
I will first update all my jitsi and run your script again.
Many thanks

Hi @emrah,
What about using this script in jicofo container. I tried to create volume to grab logs from path /var/log/jitsi. By default it is impossible to put this log outside from existing container. I also tried to run this script in docker directory /var/lib/docker/volumes but the script doesn’t work correctly. Did you have any solution to resolve this problem ?

The script cannot work if it cannot access the log file but this issue is not related with the script.

Hi Keith,the script logs created at time as blank

Are you using Emrahs latest Version plus the current Jitsi Stable?


It is latest jitsi version updated on last Saturday

The script reports meetings which take longer than 2 mins by default.

Have changed it to 30 secs

Thanks for sharing!, I tested it bus cant get information

root@vm-jitsi-prod:~# /usr/local/bin/jicofo-log-analyzer /var/log/jitsi/jicofo.log

number of all participants:
number of all conferences:

created at 2022-01-29 03:45:14

Do you know why? Regards!

The script lists the conferences which are completed and longer than MIN_DURATION (default 2 mins)

@emrah Are you using default logging properties or customized for this purpose?

Default, no customization…