Screenshot video call?

I saw this commit What the function of ENABLE_SCREENSHOT_CAPTURE in interface_config.js?


It allows for uploading screensshots of the shared screens to be uploaded for creating something like a meeting summary.

Hi @saghul ,

How does it work? I have activated it but I don’t know how it works


You need modifications in order to make it work. There is a hook processScreenshot.js which you use to implement your logic and store the data/send it or whatever you think needs to be done with it.

Is it true that if I want to try this feature, I have to manually create a button component for the screenshot process? @damencho

There is no need of a button. As Saul already mentioned

When you implement the function I pointed, to let’s say upload screenshots to your Dropbox account, and when in a meeting and you start screensharing, this feature will be creating screenshots of your slides and uploading it in your dropbox account so you can share it later.

I see. Thanks for the explanation