Screensharing full screen not working

I just try to share screen on Chrome Browser (linux fedora 31)

It doesn’t work for full screen sharing.

Every time I tried meeting attendees can’t whatch anything - “it shares a black screen”.

I also tried on aonther browsers (e.g. firefox, chromium) but neither work.

Another example screen

There are another errors when I try to share some application windows (e.g. gnome terminal, libreoffice, firefox etc)

Hi Adriano, we had this problem too yesterday and we solve it by starting the desktop environment with Xorg instead of Wayland.

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Thanks by your tip.

It’s working before I changed to xorg.

But let me ask you…
do you know if there are any plan to have wayland support?

I don’t think the problem comes from Jitsi. We had the same problem on Teams with Chromium and it solved as soon as we switched to Xorg.