Screensharing does not work when there are more than 2 participants

Screen share stops working intermittently. It works for 2 participants but when the 3rd participant joins, screenshare stops working.

Also, video/audio works only for 2 people. When 3rd person joins meeting, audio/video does not work. The participant is unmuted and video is also shared. 3rd Participant can see his own video but others cannot see his video. The 3rd person cannot see moderator video as well.

Jitsi meet is hosted on our servers.
Any ideas how to troubleshoot this issue? Please help.


Seems like an UDP/10000 issue. There are many posts related in this topic.

Thanks emrah for the response.

Port 10000 is open. It is hosted in AWS and port is open in firewall settings.
Is there anything else that needs to be done?
I did look through the posts before posting the question here.
And couldn’t find steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Test the UDP/10000 connectivity. Checking the firewall’s rule list doesn’t show it’s working

I was checking your post here:

This file is not there in /etc/nginx/modules-enabled/

I have the latest version of jitsi.
How do I check if UDP/10000 connectivity is working fine?

This file is not created in the new versions of jitsi.

nc -z -v -u 10000

I ran this command in client instance and it is printing message
Connection to 10000 port [udp/*] succeeded!

Anything else I can check at jitsi server end?

This is not the right way. Check the first post

Can you pls tell me which post should I check?
I am seeing this in jvb.log:

ConnectivityCheckClient.processSuccessResponse#648: Pair succeeded: → (stream-ef07ec16.RTP).
This means port 10000 is working…right?

Screensharing is not working at all…it only shows a white patch for participants when moderator starts screen share.