Screensharing closes the window


So whenever I try screensharing on chrome based jitsi, it just closes the window. I don’t have any other problems but cannot use jitsi if this won’t work. For context, I use win10 and my chrome is updated. Is it a bug or is there something wrong with my computer settings.


It just closes the window

What do you mean by this? Do you mean the chrome browser crashes? What OS are you on?

Yeah, I think so. Windows 10. Sorry for being that bad with the terminology

If you’re saying that when you screenshare chrome crashes, then I’d maybe try something like this to test it out on another site. What version of chrome are you using?

That also causes an instant crash on chrome but works fine on firefox.

The chrome version is the latest, 81.0.4044.122

Ok, if that causes a crash too I’m afraid you’ve got something up that appears to be outside of Jitsi. Unfortunately I don’t know of anything that causes that crash, but I’d search for things like “chrome 81 webrtc screenshare crash windows 10”. Maybe something here ?

Exact same problem started today suddenly. Just left this message in a different thread, but it can be more useful here

Similar issue started today. Just pressing the Screenshare button causes the browser to close instantly. All tabs get closed and the browser offers to restore tabs when I open it again.

Happens not only in Brave, but also Chrome and Vivaldi. As if the problem is deeper than a single browser.

Most interestingly, it does not happen on my other computer. The only thing I could think of (although probably unrelated) is my upgrade. I put a new ssd in my pc and updated my motherboard’s bios yesterday. But could it cause something like this?

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Tried that site, and indeed, it crashes my browser, too. Thanks for suggesting other keywords to search for. On it.

…and no result. Any help will be much appreciated!

I am facing the same issue on my windows laptop on chrome

Btw I would try using chrome canary and seeing if the problem still happens. This sounds like it’s something on the chrome side, so hopefully it’s been fixed already.

I have the same use with Chrome for only one user

Nope, no luck. Vivaldi was also updated today, but the same issue. Considering all browsers are affected (Chrome, Chrome Canary, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave) on one PC I have but not affected on the other, I suspect the issue is with Windows itself. That said, both of the PCs I tested this on have the same OS build- 18363.778

Any Mac users out there affected by this? Or Firefox users?

We have the same issue with all our users for 3 days now when using Windows 10. It does not matter if they use Chrome, Edge or Firefox. The screen sharing starts but once it ends the browser crashes. The problem does not exist for Mac OS users!

This behavior seems a little different from mine. My browsers crash roughly within a second of pressing the screen share button. I can only catch a glimpse of the popup window where you select the window you want to share.

And again, I have two windows PCs and only one of them has this issue. Both run the same Windows build. They might be running different updates, but I don’t know how to check it.

Can confirm that this is still occurring on latest Chrome Canary build. Chrome crashes every time soon after pressing the screen share button. Can’t find anything recent in the Chrome groups about this issue or with other WebRTC applications.

Can someone who can reproduce the browser crash reliably pls file a chrome webrtc bug ?

this is happening for me as well. Did you find a fix for it?

Sorry, but my solution was to stop using Jitsi… :face_exhaling: Seeing how the problem continues even now, I guess it was not such a bad decision.