Screenshare with audio not working with lib-jitsi-meet - custom UI with VueJS (Jitsi Docker stable-5765-1)

As soon as I try to switch my camera to deskop the audio track gets removed on the remote users side. Even when going back to video mode the audio track is gone.
I also tried to requested audio explicitly but it also looks like there is neither an error thrown (catch) nor the console log with new tracks i called. But the other participants receive the shared screen. I’m a bit out of ideas. I thought it muste be my state management or that I remove tracks forcefully but I removed all this kind of code already and still, screen gets shared but without audio.

my switchVideo method looks like this right now:

    switchVideo() {
      this.$store.dispatch(SET_VIDEO_MODE, !this.isVideo)

      // Using this or not makes no difference and also no error is thrown:
      /*if (this.localTracks[1] && this.localTracks[1].getType() === 'video') {

        // I also tried requesting audio explicitly for screensharing:
        devices: ['audio', this.isVideo ? 'video' : 'desktop'],
        facingModel: 'user',
        desktopSharingFrameRate: {min: 60, max: 120},
        firePermissionPromptIsShownEvent: true,
        resolution: 1080,
        constraints: {
          video: {
            aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
            height: {
              ideal: 1080,
              max: 1080,
              min: 720
        .then(tracks => {
          // This console log is never triggered but the video gets replaced properly: (magic sh*t?)
          console.log('[REPLACE_LOCAL_TRACK] switchVideo', tracks)
          // this.$store.dispatch(REPLACE_LOCAL_TRACK, tracks[1])

            () => console.log('[switchVideo] local track muted'));
            () => {
              console.log('[switchVideo] local track stopped')
              // This is really required to get back to video mode if screen share was ended by browser button:

          // First I just added tracks[1] because I thought video is enough but even adding all tracks again does neither work, nor throw an error
          tracks.forEach(track => {
        .catch(error => console.log(error));