Screenshare not working for 3 or more participants

We are facing an issue with Screenshare similar to what is reported under this topic - "
[SOLVED] Screen Sharing not working for 3 or more participants". However, what we observe is that the change to config.js is getting reverted and screenshare disappears when the 3rd participant joins.

The Meet version was taken just now from repository and deployed -
git clone GitHub - jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet: Jitsi Meet on Docker


config.testing.capScreenshareBitrate = 1;
config.testing.octo.probability = 0;

We see above entry, but no entry for just “capScreenshareBitrate”

Please let us know how to fix this issue. Appreciate your help.

Check browser js console logs? Any errors there?

Yes, checked but could not find any error. With two participants (A and B), screen share was working. A had shared and B could view. But the moment 3rd participant joined, the screen share went black for participant B. Checked js console logs for errors but nothing.

An update - this error happens only if the browser used to share screen is Chromium-based. When I use Firefox to share screen, all participants are able to view the shared content, no matter what browser they use.