Screenshare Issues in

Hi there, we’ve been experiencing screen shares problem lately and it’s been existing quite a while for us to not be able to view any of the screen shares from the meeting participants.

Sometimes, the screen share might appear a short while in LD resolution and disappears, but it just directly showing the grey screens most of the time.

Our participants mainly use Chrome and Microsoft Edge as our browser, I’ve tried with the Firefox browser as well but the screen shares still doesn’t work.
The participants are mostly from Taiwan, Hongkong and Malaysia.

Please see the screenshots below.

Thanks for the help!

I have faced similar issue.

We had 4 members in the room, one of the users (User A) shared screen and everyone was able to see that screenshare. After few minutes, screenshare become gray screen for me and other 2 remote members were able to see screenshare of User A.

I requested user A to stop and start screenshare, he did the same, still doesn’t show for me.

Then I reloaded my browser tab and was able to see the screenshare of user A.

FYI: self-host jitsi-meet.

We are aware of issue like that and we are working on a fix.


Great :+1:
Please, how can we track the issue?

This had already been fixed, but deploy to is pending

Do you know when last release is scheduled?
Thank you for your efforts on this tool

This week.

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Hi there, no rushing but just to drop by and see is there any updates?

If you are asking about the stable release it happen, yesterday.

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