Screenshare issue

If there’s more than two person, screen sharing is turned off.
How can I solve it?


I am experiencing the exact same issue with my students. Once more than one student joins the meeting, the Screen sharing goes blank.

I think it’s Jitsi’s own error…

yes it is. I hope they resolve it soon.

Is this on your private deployments? I just tested on and everything woks fine.

Yes it’s on my private deployment. It works fine if you have only one participant. If you have more than one participant it goes blank.

Well, it’s clearly not a Jitsi issue then, it’s something you didn’t configure properly in your deployment.
Are you able to successfully host a meeting with 3 participants (no screensharing)?

I can suggest one way. This will work.

  1. Go ‘settings’ and Click ‘more’
  2. desktop sharing frame rate raise ‘15 or 30 per second’
  3. Do screenshare.

Can you confirm that it works?

I am using the free version of jitsi, after 2 second person the share stop working. Been using this for over year without any issues, this happening since Saturday. Video share seems to be working. If we try to share word document or powerpoint, only sound works.

I think it’s wrong to assume the issue is from my end. This issue started yesterday and so far, we have 3 people here who can attest to it. I have been using Jitsi’s api for over a year now. This is the first time I’m experiencing this, and i’m sure others complaining here feel the same way.


I just checked, works fine sharing a Word document.
Could be a regional issue though; where are you based?

2 people or more need to in the meeting.

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Hosting meetings work fine. The issue comes up when you’re trying to share your screen with more than one participant. If we are two participants, and i leave the meeting, you would be able to see the shared screen. Immediately i join back, none of us will be able to see the shared screen.

I’m based in Nigeria, Africa.

Which one is it - are you self-hosting Jitsi in your private server or you’re connecting to the public instance at through the iFrame api?

Again, if this is on your private server and the issue just started, it’s something in your deployment.

I am not self hosting. I’m using an iFrame api. My question is, how come there were no issues with my deployment until yesterday and why am i not the only one experiencing this? Plus we all experienced this yesterday, Saturday.

I’m unsure why you’re missing the logic here: if this is an issue in YOUR deployment and it just started yesterday, then it’s not a native Jitsi problem. If you didn’t perform any Jitsi-related updates yesterday, your deployment is private and not dependent on Jitsi’s servers.

You might want to check pending updates in your server, perhaps this has to do with Chrome. And I asked you earlier if you’re able to successfully host a meeting with 3 participants, you never confirmed that.

Btw, kedu? :slight_smile:

I am not self hosting. I had to confirm with my developer on that. We are using an iFrame api. We can host meetings with multiple participants, I actually responded. Odinma!

Oh, so now, you’ve edited your stance to make known you’re not self-hosting.

Ok, this is different. It’s possible, you could be experiencing a regional issue on It works fine for me here - I’m in NYC. Can you check to see which server you’re connecting to?

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