Screenshare issue with firefox when video is not enabled

I have been observing a screenshare issue with firefox on the

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  • Create/Join a meeting with firefox and in the landing page disable video
  • Start screen share from firefox and other users (chrome browser based users) will be able to see the screenshare without any issues
  • Stop screenshare from firefox

Other users will be able to see the screenshare stopped
Other users in the conference are seeing the firefox user’s screen in a stuck state

May i know if this was already discussed or in the pipeline of fixes?
Same issue was observed in my local Jitsi server as well. So trying to get some pointers here on the issue.

Let me know if i can provide with any additional information.

Thanks in advance…

There are problems with Firefox en general:
I’m working with Linux (Ubuntu) on all Desktops and Laptops; I am not able to use Firefox in combination with Jitsi; needed to switch over to Google-Chrome.
Windows - users report no problems with Firefox, but with Google-Chrome.

BTW: Firefox has sometimes problems with other pages (with a lot of javascript) too.

My solution is: If Firefox not works, switch over to Google-chrome

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: . We are trying to host this solution on our premise. Asking users not to use Firefox may not be a viable option for us. Wanted to know if anybody can help with debugging this issue or pointers towards debugging this issue would really help us.
Let me know if i can provide any additional details. Issue is easily reproducible on as well.
Thanks again.

@Aditya123, thanks for the report ! We are able to reproduce this issue as well. Can you please open an issue in ? Thanks !

Thank you @jallamsetty :smiley: .
Opened the following: