Screenshare is of poor quality after jitsi meet upgrade

After update Jitsi from 7001 to 7648

After change version only the following lines in the config have been changed
export const SS_DEFAULT_FRAME_RATE = 30;
desktopSharingFrameRate: {
min: 15,
max: 30,

Very often the video is blurry, while there are no packet losses in the statistics from the user.
We used colibri websockets.
Do I need to change the variable setScreenSharingResolutionConstraints: true ?

And again it was reproduced - this is what can be seen in the statistics - when the blur sharing goes to 360 * 225 resolution , and when it is clearly 1440 * 900 - the presenter has a problem, but I do not see packet loss in the statistics. The user is connected via WIFI. What can be wrong? For SS the vp8 codec is used, how can we use the h264 codec only for sharing?

How to disable simulcast in VP8 for SS or switch to h264 only for SS ?
Are there any recommended constraints so that there is no reduction to low resolution with SS?