Screenshare is not working on latest unstable build

I faced strange issue on docker unstable build where screen share is not working on more than participants but video/audio is working perfectly even on more than 2 participants.
There are not any significant logs on both web console and jvb logs.

I get message saying “Video is turned off to save bandwidth”. It is fine on latest stable web container build with same configuration though.

I suspect it has something to do with multi tenant changes on nginx config perhaps ?

I tried toggling simulcast and capScreenshareBitrate to 1 and 0 but no help.

Other Strange issue is that I am getting “Your microphone appears to be noisy” message even though my microphone is muted from system, I also get “Your microphone is muted by your system settings” at the same time.

What exact unstable image are you using?

I was using yesterday build unstable-2022-9-21

BTW screen share issue is fixed using unstable jvb from debian unstable repo.

And false message indicating “Your microphone ap…" is fixed using today web unstable build.

FYI: We use web,jicofo,prosody on k8s and others JVBs and Jibris on plain EC2 instances.

Alright, so the 2-22-09-22 image should contain all the fixes, since unstable images are created from the unstable Debian packages.