Screenshare Freeze


I am building a web app with libjitisi. l noticed that Screensharing video freezes within a min. However there is no issue with audio.

***** I get an empty last-n event and video freezes.
Channel new last-n event: {colibriClass: “LastNEndpointsChangeEvent”, lastNEndpoints: Array(0), endpointsEnteringLastN: Array(0), conferenceEndpoints: Array(1)}
Logger.js:154 2021-03-31T10:08:06.404Z [modules/statistics/AudioOutputProblemDetector.js]

videobridge version: 2.1.197-g38256192

It is a 3 person conference with standard libjitsi sample in github.

I tried changing the channelLastN: -1 and setting setReceiverVideoConstraint to 320. The issue still persist.

I tried disabling the in Trust_BWE in Screensharing works fine in this mode but there is a significant delay in voice. The voice gets stabilized ( without delay) after 30 to 50 secs after which there is no issue in screensharing and voice.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You are using a bridge that is one year old, you better update to the latest. I don’t think stuff like setReceiverVideoConstraint is available there … there were multiple changes and fixes around screen share since then, so you better try latest.

Yes, I don’t see any issues with the latest bridge.

Thank you very much