Screen Sharing



Do you have any guide to enable screenSharing ?

There is not much info here:




This is all we have:


Dear Damencho.
I had do everything follow this guide:

Filled extension’s hash ID & changed true to false in file config.js
But it’s still not working.
Please tell me know.

Thanks & Best Regards.



Tell me what is not working? The inline install will no longer work, since a change from chrome since June 12.


Dear Damencho.
I had a trouble when I installed extension for another browser (Chrome) (Client-2).
I tested sucessful with screen sharing on Client-1 (Chrome), I can share: ‘Entire Screen, Application Window, Chrome Tab’. But it’s not working for Client-2 (chrome): “Screen sharing extension failed to install”.
I checked status of extensions on both Client-1 & Client-2 and saw their ID not match:
Client-1: ‘gpebijfnomnpicfdk…gjagnikdcdp’
Client-2: ‘jochggfhjaah…mafclhbpliggchjh’

They installed by the same source, the same content of files: chrome.crx, chrome.pem, externally_connectable.

Please tell me know.

Thanks & Best Regards.


Yes, I think this is normal I was seeing the same behavior when I was testing the same scenario. In order to avoid that and to distribute the extension to multiple users, you need to add the extension to google chrome store and get the id from there.