Screen sharing


In jitsi it seems that I cannot pin a user sharing a screen or video such that everyone follows that user. Now, if people join a session and share their screen while I have maximized another screen-sharing session, very frequently jitsi will loose the focus and show the new user instead. This is very disturbing and forces me to have 2 jitsi sessions in parallel: 1 for general video communication and another one for sharing screens by all participants.

Do you have any advice or can this behaviour be fixed?


Please don’t create multiple posts for the same issue.
Check out my suggestion in the other thread you created.

Hi @Freddie,

thanks. However, this is actually 2 issues: one for disabling screen sharing (thank you for answering), the other one is that the users which are focuses cannot be pinned and the focus often gets lost, as more users share screen. This is extremely disturbing.