Screen sharing with dual head monitor setup

I teacher, serve my own Jitsi meet! As sofar only very positive reactions from my students!

At home I have a dual head monitor setup. As soon as I share the entire screen, the layouts of both monitors are shown to the students. In that case it shows minimized fonts and degraded readability.

It would be nice if I could choose only one of the two monitors but I can’t manage to restrict it to one monitor.

Is there any configuration option in Jitsi to choose one of the two monitors?


An option I’m trying is to use v4l2loopback with ffmepg to create a virtual cam so it can be used. As now I have some issues I didn’t resolve yet:
It doesn’t work on Chrome/Chromium.
It does work on Firefox but I don’t know how to control the aspect, it shown as it were a smartphone camera and not a screen.

Alternatively, if using Windows, OBS with a plugin called OBS-virtual-cam can be used to achieve it, but I don’t use Windows so I can’t test it.

Anyway, if someone has some more info about this, I’ll continue my tests and share them here if I found something reliable.


I think Zoom’s Side-by-side does a reasonable implementation of this. It allows the presenter the ability to see participants.,will%20appear%20on%20the%20right.