Screen sharing unavailable again after a cancellation


I’m using with Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04, but this issue has been reported also on Windows with other browsers.

After having launched, I can click on “Share screen”, then a list of windows to share is shown.
If I press “Escape” key at this step, not choosing any window, the list disappear but it is impossible to show it again by another click on “Share Screen”.

If the browser is closed, and the meeting joined again, it works again, one time.

Thanks !

I was testing that and I can reproduce it, but this is how it is supposed to work. If you look at your permissions from the address bar you will see: Share the Screen Blocked Temporary.
If the permissions are blocked there is nothing we can do, the functionality is blocked from the browser. As you have blocked it temporarily when you reload the page it starts working again.

I’m sorry, but if it was designed like this, this is wrong.

When someone press “ESC” key on a dialog, it is unusual that his answer is taken into account.
The user doesn’t expect that the screen sharing is blocked after he cancelled the dialog, and do not understand why he can’t request sharing another time. He should have the question again after he click again on the button. If this is browser’s dependent, may be the button should trigger a refresh.

Please make jitsi as simple as possible, my contact was nearly ready to give up after this experience, thinking it was a bug. Most users are unable to check permissions in the browser.

Best regards

This is not something we control, this is how Firefox has designed it. If you look at the permissions, FF temporarily blocks screen sharing, you can grant permissions again by clicking on the X next to Blocked temporarily to be able to share the screen again.

Isn’t it possible that when we click the button it makes a refresh to show the dialog again, or shows the “Site information”, or even displays a message saying that sharing screen is blocked temporarily ?

Hope we will have a browser’s independent application, like Skype.

You can modify the code to do a reload when you click share screen and that comes with an error. But there is no way for the app to distinguish whether permissions are temporary or permanently blocked. If you think there is a better way to handle the UI in FF try opening a bug in bugzilla and discuss it.
The jitsi-meet UI can show some notification in this case to at least warn the user, no matter is is temp or permanent block. Any PRs are welcome.

Yes, I’m sure it would be better with some notification when the share screen is blocked, and even better if a reload could make FF display the share screen dialog.

I have not enough skill neither to change jitsi-meet code, nor to discuss with FF developers. I don’t know what is a PR…