Screen sharing - Share audio with application window

On a Windows 10 machine running Chrome. When I share my screen, I see the “Share audio” option if I share the entire screen or of I share a browser tab. But if I try to share an application window, I do not have the “Share audio” option.

Is there a way to share audio when I am sharing a single application?

I’ve been doing that in Linux by redirecting the speaker output into the microphone. More technically, I use PulseAudio to set the recording device for the specific application to the monitor for my speaker device.

Thanks. That works (you can use the settings in the Jitsi Meet web app to change the input to Stereo Mix) but then the other participants can’t hear the microphone. It seems to be one or the other.

The screen sharing audio works (with microphone audio as well) in full screen or browser tab. Application window sharing is the exception.

I’m having the exact same issue. I can share audio with a Chrome Tab or full screen, but once I try to switch to sharing an app only the share audio option disappears. Based on the release notes this isn’t meant to work this way on Windows 10 running Chrome

@damencho I don’t think this feature is working as intended, from my understanding we should be able to share App audio specifically if we can share full screen and Chrome tab audio.

Same. I see the option for Sharing Audio with a Chrome Tab. But I’m interested in Sharing Audio from an Application

Oh man, how glad to know I’m not the only one with this problem.
I’ve been trying to solve this for months without any luck.
I’m fairly certain it’s related to MacOS since I didn’t have issues using Windows Server 2016.

@gracedman - Thank you so much for the recommend!! This might be the best work-around until some smart coder, who might be reading this, and if you are, please do us a solid you bloody legend…, will find a way to remove the limitation of only being able to share audio from Chrome tabs.

I’m running High Sierra 10.13.4 / Chrome 80.0.3987.163 over here. Are there any Windows/Linux users who are experiencing problems or is it tied to MacOS?

This is still a problem over a month after the update that introduced this. Please provide a way of sharing application audio as is described as a feature in your platform…

I am adding my voice to this request. The use case I have is that I would like to play a track from a music player (e.g. Clementine) without even sharing the screen itself. Zoom has an option to share the computer audio only. It allows the application audio to be heard on the call as well as the microphone. I looked for an option to change the audio input to “stereo mix” but did not see such. I would really prefer to be using Jitsi but, in this respect, Zoom functionality is better.

Linux Mint 18.3 / Firefox 76.0