Screen Sharing Resolution


I can not find information on how to setup the resolution to 1080p when sharing my screen, the actual sharing screen is pixelated and the participants are viewing same thing, and can’t view image with quality.

We are hosting Jitsi on premise and I have setted 1 Jitsi Meet with 4 JVB to LoadBalance.

We still use Google Meet as primary meet solution but we intend to migrate on Jitsi Meet (with Internal Chat solution) as per security measrures required by our clients. If the solution hosted offer less image quality, it will not be adopted easily.

Thank you !

Is there any error in the browser console?

Not at all, everything is working fine, I just search how to change the default resolution of the screen sharing mode.

I succeded modifying some settings in the Meet configuration file, like disabling camera when joining conference etc, and load balancing with octo, but it seems I can’t find any information about the screen sharing settings.

On the forum, somes people already post threads, and last year, a member responded that it was hardcoded, is it still the case ? Set maximum resolution for screen sharing - #7 by Pierre_Ozoux

Limit the resolution for screensharing was and is a config.js option:

    //    // Provides a way to resize the desktop track to 720p (if it is greater than 720p) before creating a canvas
    //    // for the presenter mode (camera picture-in-picture mode with screenshare).
    //    resizeDesktopForPresenter: false

Your descripiton of the problem is not precise enough to try to help you further IMO.

Ok I will try to precise enough with details:


When I launch a Jitsi Meet call, and I do a sharing screen with my colleague, he see bad resolution and has difficulties to see the text presented, he describe the page presented as it is pixelated. Same thing when he do the presentation and I see same things.

How to fix ?

My questions are:

  • is it possible to increase the sharing screen to 1080p resolution ?
  • is the sharing screen resolution change automatically the resolution depending of the user bandwidth ?

I do not want to limit de resolution for screensharing but instead increase it.

I told in previous post that on Google Meet, the resolution of screensharing is 720p and there is no pixelated or bad quality image. But Google Meet is in the cloud.

Our Jitsi Meet is hosted on premise, and me and my colleague are working from home, connected to an OpenVPN VPN Servers, considering that, it may be the bottleneck.

The Openvpn thing is an interesting info, but what’s still missing is what resolution you observe with normal use (outside screensharing).

Unfortunately I don’t know how to find the used resolution for screensharing. Hmm, actualy when using the new screensharing, there may be a way. When the screenshare is displayed full size, clicking on the bandwidth indicator for the thumbnail of the user sharing, there are now TWO resolutions that are displayed. The first, very low, is obviously for the thumbnail, the second must (I am not sure of that, did not check in the code) be for the screenshare. This was tested on current unstable.

However if you can’t check on current stable, can you provide at least a screenshot to see what is exactly ‘pixelated’ ?
Also have you changed anything on the default screen sharing parameters ? if yes, can you try to reset to default parameters ?
Ah, last thing, I hope that you are not screensharing in tile mode ? If yes, you can’t hope to get high resolution. Tile mode is not made to see fine details.

Is it possible that you are hitting
If you have two screens and you start the share from the smaller and you share the bigger one?