Screen Sharing Problem

Today i tried to create a video conference with my boss on self hosted server with 8 people join

everything’s going well and good, but the problem with a creen sharing.
when people doing a screen sharing for about 10 second, the screensharing shut down and no pvoice and else from the people who share screen with the message “screen share stopped to saved bandwidht”.

how to avoid that ?
i’m using Google VM with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.


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Well, bro…

I have been facing the same problem.

every time I share the screen, the browser also comes down.



I’m having problems with screenshare too (using firefox) It’s very frustrating as an incompetent user (sorry guys, this was google’s only answer to my screensharing-in-jitsi prob)
I’m wondering if I’m doing smthg wrong (opening twice for example - I dunno)
Good work people :slight_smile:

@eannegrenoble Welcome to the forum.

Try using Chrome and see if your experience is different.