Screen sharing only for a subset of authenticated users


My Jitsi-Meet setup requires LDAP authentication in order to create a room. Once the room is created by the authed user and guests are invited in, the desktops of any participant can be shared.

Now, I’d like Jitsi-Meet to allow Desktop Sharing only for a specific LDAP-authenticated user group. The other LDAP users should be able to create rooms but without Desktop Sharing.

What’s the best way to do this?

Should I create a second VirtualHost in Prosody (say, requiring LDAP authentication for a specific group (say, UsersCanShareDesktop)? Can I just “add it” to my existing file, or do I need to create another instance in
I guess I would then need to create a new config file alongside in /etc/jitsi/.
Finally, I’d need to create a new Apache VirtualHost and an alias that points to the new config.js.

Is this correct?
Is there a better way?

BTW, can I include/customize “var interfaceConfig” in my config.js (typically /etc/jitsi/*.js or wherever Apache or Nginx point at) right after “var config” (so I can disable desktop sharing button only in the right config.js file)?


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Did you get it working ? I happen to have the same problem.