Screen Sharing on Mobile Blank

Hi there,

This is with my own self hosted setup, when sharing screen from my mobile phone (iOS) if there is a idle document which is on the screen the user’s connection goes to Inactive and screensharing stops.

Where as when there is a video playing or clock on the home screen moving it doesn’t disconnect the screen share.

This is only happening when screen sharing a document and screen is inactive / stuck at a same place for 10 seconds, once i scroll the document screen sharing again resumes.

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No one? @saghul

This works on safari but on google chrome and mobile apps it is not working.

It works for few seconds and then screen becomes blank then when you touch the screen on the phone whose screen has been shared, the shared screen is seen again

This same problem is on as well as @saghul @jallamsetty

Not sure I understand how to reproduce this. Can you please post some step-by-step instructions?


Step 1: Tested on 3 Devices (2 Mobile Phones and 1 Laptop (Chrome))

Step 2: Start a Meeting, get into the single room.

Step 3: Start Screen Share on Mobile phone and Open any documents (full screen preferred). (Make sure there is no clock or Animated notifications (Android) running on screen during screen sharing also make sure the “Red Colored” broadcast notification in top left corner is not seen (iOS Only) otherwise the issue won’t be reproduced.

Step 4: Keep the Document idle for 10-15 seconds maybe a bit longer (Don’t touch the screen / Orientation)

Now, the Shared Screen on other two non sharing devices will be blank and on Windows / Chrome it will show as “Inactive” in connection status.

Again, tap the screen or move the document, then again the shared screen is seen.

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What do you use to cover the red pill on iOS? All apps I tried don’t cover it. I mean, we do, but then there is animated content…

Just send Docx / PPT / PDF to your email account on stock iOS Mail app and open it in Landscape mode and keep it idle that way the Red Pill wont be shown on screen.

Got it, I could indeed repro. Not on 2 desktop browsers though. I wonder if we just stop sending media if the UI doesn’t change. Do you observe the same on Android?

I guess it’s possible the problem is the system APIs stop providing frames if there is no change in them…

Yes same on Android!

Is there a possible quick solution to this?

We are getting lots of complaints everyday!


Please open an issue on GitHub and we’ll take a look.

Hi Saghul, i have opened the issue on Github:


I can confirm this bug as well. i can repro