Screen sharing on firefox

when i am going to screen sharing on firefox i got this error “originalStop is undefined”. firefox version “64.0”. screen sharing working on chrome. I put below configuration
{ desktopSharingFirefoxExtId: “”,
desktopSharingFirefoxDisabled: false,

desktopSharingFirefoxMaxVersionExtRequired: '0',

desktopSharingFirefoxExtensionURL: ""


could you help me?

  1. What environment is this on? One of jitsi’s deployments? A custom deployment? iframe api?
  2. Does it work for you on
  3. Can you please provide the full stack trace and not just the error itself? I can’t find the variable “originalStop” used anymore in jitsi-meet web frontend; looks like it was used years ago.
  4. Are you on a recent version of lib-jitsi-meet? One possible problem I could see is if someone decided to use the npm package which was last published 2 years ago?

this is custom deployment. I am using lib-jitsi-meet 1.0.6. this error occur in firefox but working on chrome.
node 8.11.3. we are developing platform using lib-jitsi-meet. we are building platform on nuxt framework.

thank you for the response npm module updated 2 years ago

It’ll be rare that you would want to use a js webrtc library updated two years ago, and you definitely don’t want to use such an old version of lib-jitsi-meet because it won’t work, which you already know. The suggested “installation” method is using a script tag to load the library.