Screen sharing not working in p2p

While sharing screen in peer-to-peer mode, everything is a blur until you turn on your camera along with screen sharing. After turning on the camera with screen share everything seems fine, also it is working with more than 2 people but with 2 participants nothing is visible.

Hum, do you have a working turnserver installed on your deployment? This is strange … you are receiving some data … any console logs errors? What version of jitsi-meet is this? Is audio working when this happens if you turn off screen sharing and then video works?

Hi @damencho, I have used the JITSI’s latest master branch code for that. Also please check this post Shared screen turns black in peer to peer mode here I have used stable/jitsi-meet_5390 and screen sharing didn’t work in this as well.
Screen sharing not working with both version stable/jitsi-meet_5390 and master but if I update lib-jitsi-meet in stable/jitsi-meet_5390, it will start behaving like master branch code.
Don’t know if something wrong in the configuration because this is not reproducable on

@damencho when the shared screen is blur and you turn off the screen share, the video will not be working after that but the audio is working fine. If the other participant rejoins the call then he will be able to see shared screen.
I found this error in the console

@damencho @bbaldino please suggest something. We are stuck with this issue.

Do you reproduce it if jitsi-meet is from master with no modifications?

yes, this is the latest jitsi-meet master code without any modification

@Rashi_Saini Can you please share the browser and platform info as we are not able to reproduce it. Also are you able to reproduce this on as well ?