Screen sharing laggy/choppy

When screen sharing on the video is very choppy and laggy

Screen sharing is by default only sending 5 frames per second.

when using you can try add the following options to the URL after the room name, for each participant that wants to share the desktop

If you are running your own server then you can add the setting in config.js

They should add a option in the settings to change the frames 30 should be default as many users might turn away from the service cause they think they will be lagging or something.

using #config.desktopSharingFrameRate.min=30&config.desktopSharingFrameRate.max=30 doesn’t resolve the issue in the browser

Which browser?

Are you getting any errors in the console?

What are you trying to share?

it’s brave/chromium tested on google same issue, trying to share a video it’s 720p. and i got really no erros except this

invalid/:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED
index.js:8 falling back to ArrayBuffer instantiation

after using this “#config.desktopSharingFrameRate.min=30&config.desktopSharingFrameRate.max=30” i got this “[modules/statistics/RTPStatsCollector.js] <p.processAudioLevelReport>: 3818718568 not enough data”