Screen Sharing issue in Jitsi meet installed on docker

The same screen is repeating multiple times while sharing the screen.

Multiple screens are replicated while sharing the screen.

It’s not an issue. check it with multiple participants. OR try sharing a specific Tab instead of a complete screen.

checked with multiple participants then also this issue is coming
also, tried to share the same tab same issue is repeating.

It’s not an issue. Go through below link and you will understand why this isn’t an issue.

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thanks for the reply, I will refer the link.

This phenomenon is known as the Infinity Mirror.

This is not an issue and is just a side-effect of a screenshare of the screenshare window. You will find that this is a common occurance in apps that offers screen sharing, for example:


thanks for the reply :grinning:

the same problem, did you solve it?