Screen sharing is very bad

Users experience problems with screen sharing on my private jitsi server. The latest stable versions installed. Only 2-3 connections on server with huge bandwidth on all sides.
Presenter video bitrate drops to 100kbps. Is there any setting to keep it up?

I have the issue, you can try this config in config.js:

 // Optional desktop sharing frame rate options. Default value: min:5, max:5.
     desktopSharingFrameRate: {
         min: 5,
         max: 30

Did it help you? I doubt that unreadable texts will be any better with higher framerate.

Any way to make Screen Sharing better? I tried some other WebRTC systems and it looks like a common problem for WebRTC. Zoom and Skypes have no such problems.

This setting is the cure:

 * Whether or not the blurred video background for large video should be
 * displayed on browsers that can support it.