Screen sharing is not working

i don’t know why but in my case screen sharing is not working at all can anyone tell me how should i process next,

i had configure jitsi and jitsi-meet-token only
I am not getting error also in console.

Is there any error in the browser console?

this error’s are before sharing screen

this is coming in every 3-4sec

Note: i had used quick installation process

bro don’t know how but now it is working,

it is like sometime it is working sometime’s it not working

do you have a idea why it is working like this

because on production environment it is not working and previously i was testing on dev. and result is as above mentioned

on production it is not working getting this error

in mozila browser with presenter mode it is working fine
but when i mute/unmute mic or video my self then screen share get off this are the console log

thank you for patience emrah