Screen sharing in Chrome does not work

We’re having issues with screen sharing in Chrome (version 85.0.4183.102) and Chromium (version 83.0.4103.116): most of the time, the last frame before sharing just freezes and stays this way until screen sharing get turned off again. Sometimes we only get an avatar with a stylised desktop icon, nothing more.

On another thread (Screen Sharing Glitch), someone reported fixing similar issues by disabling LipSync, but we already had that turned off, so no changes there.

Sharing in Firefox works every time and reliably so.

Are we the only ones with this issue?

To make screen sharing in chrome work again, you just have to make sure, the if statement evaluates to true for plan b:

which you can do by either commenting out videoQuality in config.js or by setting capScreenshareBitrate to 1 in the testing section of config.js.