Screen sharing in Andoird?


We just found out that we cannot share screen during a video conference with Jitsi in Android. The option exists but after clicking it, it does nothing. Are you aware of it?


No we are not! :scream: What app version, Android version and device are you using?

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It happens in numerous versions. I don’t have a list of all devices, but I, personally, use Samsung S9. Element Web Support also acknowledged that it can be a bug in Jitsi Meet.

Hi, is there a feedback to this issue? :innocent:

I have been testing screen-sharing recently and haven’t run into issues. Can you perhaps record your screen?

I have just talked to a colleague in Element Web. He has the same issue. A completely different server installation. How can we analyse this issue?

Can you reproduce this on I can’t. Perhaps you can get an adb logcat trace when the problem happens? I also have an S9 where I just tested this. Btw, please make sure you are running our latest release (22.0.1, now rolling out).