Screen Sharing Glitch


I would like to know how to solve this bug/glitch which is not present in

On a fresh install of jitsi-meet, join a conference with 2 or more Jitsi Meet mobile clients and 2 or more Jisti Meet web clients. Two web clients will conduct a screen share. So there are two screen share visible in all devices.

If a mobile client logs out and logs in again he will see both screen share. However, if one of the screen sharing client stop sharing and enable sharing again, the mobile client that logged in and out may not see the new screen share.

It is repeatable and was tested minimally with 2 mobile and 2 web clients. I have tested on and this was not happening.

I am not sure what causes this but I think it might be a missing “Notify remove SSRC” message from Jicofo to the mobile client. So when the “Notify add SSRC” was sent for the second time, it might have been ignored.

The client will be stuck with a screen sharing icon but does not receive any screen share.

Any guidance would be great to prevent this from happpening.

Thank you.

– Anthony

It seems like it can be reproduced on but much less randomly compared to and our own setup.

We solved this bug by adding “enableLipSync: false,” in our config.js.