Screen Sharing from iPad/tablet

Love to hear that!

Hi - Has there been an update in relation to screen sharing on Ipads?

Yes, it’s already available in beta. You can sign up here: Join the Jitsi Meet beta - TestFlight - Apple


That’s brilliant. Keep up the great work guys !

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Hi Saghul, thank you for Jitsi !

And, I have a question. " available in beta" is only applicaiton ? or Browser ?

I need to use Jitsi in iPad at Safari browser…

Safari doesn’t support screen-sharing on the iPad.

I don’t think

Hello. I got the beta app so that I could try the screen share option with my iPad, but I still see it disabled. Is there anything I’ve done wrong?

What iOS version do you have? We require at least 14.

iPasOS 15.o.1

Can you please share a screenshot of how you see it disabled? Also, does enabling video from the camera change anything?

Yes, it seems like enabling the cam makes it possible to start sharing my screen (when I do, the option that gets disabled is the one to activate my camera).

I’m sorry I hace it in Spanish, but I guess it’s enough. Is it a bug?

I’d say it is yeah we should allow you to start sharing even when audio only mode.