Screen Sharing from iPad/tablet

Is screen sharing on iPad/tablet is a possibility? Is it in the timeline for jitsi team? My customer asking cause zoom already have this functionality
@saghul any thoughts?


We don’t have such functionality yet, nor we do have a timeline for it, sorry.

Hey @saghul , it would be very helpful for teachers, if they could share their screen of the ipad in Jitsi. We could use the ipad as a whiteboard or chalkboard while explaing things in a video conference. Zoom users do have the function alteady in app. Must be great to work with!

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As you are probably aware, this feature is indispensable for using Jitsi in any university or research environment. Jitsi meet is very nice to deploy and works very well for what it does, but if you can’t transmit drawings from a tablet it might as well not exist at all from the perspective of my discipline.

Well, I’m not sure what you want me to say. We have no resources to work on everything everyone wants. This feature will have to wait.

I understand, but this is an expected standard feature of any videoconferencing software, and it would be nice if you included a more explicit warning that you don’t plan on implementing this before people waste time setting up a server. I understand that you must all be quite swamped but I am puzzled by what other features you would consider more important, except perhaps breakout rooms. I really wanted to support a free alternative to Zoom but it seems like that will have to wait—we can’t ask invited speakers to work around software limitations when no one else has to.

@stefdawy why dont you contribute some resources for the open source community to develop this feature instead of comparing Jitsi with a 45 billion dollar company’s product. u deserve Zoom. GO BACK AND USE ZOOM WE DONT NEED UR NEGATIVITY HERE

@saghul during community call I did ask about it and heard Emil mentioning it will be easier to achieve it in android platform. Can you give us some direction on how we can implement it on android? Atferall, something is better than nothing…

There is an open PR about it, please check through those. Any feedback on it is welcome.

thanks bro I will look into it

Hi Saghul,

I saw that isScreenSharing() method does not have its implementation in lib-jitsi-meet. But do you have any suggestion how I would like to know at remote side if this is a screen and not an actual video. I need to to show Screen in different section.

I tried to check it using a track received in TRACK_ADDED event but I doubt that object is reflecting correct value for videoType property. Its reflecting wrong value in many case until I’m putting the code inside a wait ie setTimeout() for 3-4 sections. Can you please suggest any better way to handle it?

Thank you very for any suggestion.

Did anyone try screen sharing on tablet with a browser? You may have to choose Desktop Site from the menu. I don’t have a tablet to test it.

Just got a confirmation that it does not work Does it need any changes to jitsi to support this or is it because chromium not supporting the API on tablet/phones?

As reported by it seems jitsi is disabling the option looking at architecture. Can you enable it if the underlying browser support this feature? For example if chrome on iPad support the feature can you enable it there? Similarly for other tablets too, or even phones.

@saghul hello mate, understand the roadmap constraints and this feature not being in your pipeline. But how do we go about it, can you suggest a way we could get this feature sponsored from a user and have someone work on it. I am new to this space and might be asking a stupid question but really really desperate for this feature.
Thanks in advance!

I don’t know how to answer really. It’s a significant piece of work, and even if someone would deliver it tomorrow it needs to go through review.

I don’t know what you can do here except wait for us to go for it.

Hi @Saurabh_Wadhawan I believe a solution could be to hire a developer that would be able to contribute to it.

This developer can add the functionality for your copy of Jitisi meet for your institution use.

To get it to the main package the developer will propose it as a change (Pull Request). If it is a good quality and works with not issues and is well documented that would make it quicker to review.

Your developer would not need to start from scratch there seems to be a couple of related pull requests.

The latter seems the function that @pravi was mentioning.
Both of them seem to active in the past week.
So it might be that if you know how to compile and have a service provider willing to host it you could be good to go.

PS. I too am interested in this function: I work for a charity and want to show people how to use certain apps.

It‘s been half a year, has anything changed on the matter of the screen sharing function with ipad? Respectfully asking, no pressure whatsoever!

We are close to having it ready!


When do you expect it to be available?

That’s very good news @saghul, is this just for Android?