Screen sharing from android app to browser on self-hosted instance does not work


latest beta of android app does support screen sharing - great!

If I’m in a meeting on a self hosted jitsi instance with two android devices, screen sharing from android app works - can see the screen content on the other android device.
If I join that meeting with a browser (firefox, linux) screen sharing stops to work. If I leave the meeting with the browser attendee screen sharing to the other android device starts to work again.

If I do the same thing in a meeting on that works - screen sharing stays functional when I join with the same browser and I can see the shared screen content also in the browser.

So, I think there must be something different between the instance on and my self hosted instance - but I’ve no idea, what that might be. I upgraded my instance to nightly - did’nt change anything.

Any ideas?


I suspect that if you open 3 browser tabs in the same URL on your deployment you will not have video, but with 2 yes. If so, check the advanced section of

Nope. I can open 3 or even 4 (did not try even more) tabs in the same browser on the same url on my server and I have video in all of them.

If I understood correctly, the advanced setup is needed if the server is behind NAT - this is not the case, it has a public ip.

Hum that is strange …

It seems that the android devices work on P2P mode. Could you test it with 3 android devices

OK, tested with 2x android hw and 1x emulator - indeed does not work on my server. But does work on - what do I need to change on my server to make it work there also?

If this server is in your local network and the desktop clients are in your local network too, probably you have an unaccessable UDP/10000 problem

No. Server is in a datacenter and desktop clients are at home. I can see traffic on port 10000 udp in tcpdump.

I forgot to tell, that only screen sharing does not work. When I use the camera on the android device, this works.

Have the same issue. My self-hosted Jitsi instance is working fine, also with 3 and more participant (incl. video). Would like to use screen sharing from Android as well. When I use this works fine (have tested between two Android phones connected to the meeting. However, on my own instance as soon as one device starts screen sharing, on the receiving phone the video disappears, but the screen just goes gray-ish. As soon as the screen sharing is deactivated, video is shown again. Any ideas why it might not work on my own (up-to-date) instance?