Screen sharing + FPS

Hi! First of all I’m a new user and I’m glad that I found Jitsi!

Here is my question:

I’m mirroring my view from OBS to one of my screens. I would like to use Screen sharing option from but I found that FPS is really low (I quess 5 fps) when I use it on my browser.

I’m a teacher and would like you show all kind of stuff to my students, but it seems that I’m not able to use Screen sharing cause it drops the quality so much. Is there any ways to increase FPS while using Screen Sharing on

  • Mikko / finland

Hi oldtom,

You can change the screen sharing FPS in /etc/jitsi/meet/<your domain>-config.js by uncommenting the desktopSharingFrameRate block and tweaking the max value.

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Oh that’s great! Thank you for the help!!

I’m not still figuring out how to do it. Can you explain me a bit more, maybe step by step. Sorry for this. I feel like a bit dumb :] But I’m learning and sharing this information with other teachers :]

  • Mikko

I’m sorry, I misread your first post. You said that you use the server but this kind of change can only be done if you use your own Jitsi server.

Okey, thanks anyways. :]

I am having a similar problem, but this does not work to fix it.