Screen sharing does not work over two user and more

we tried voom server ( that is new installed by jitsi, screen sharing is just working with two users while one of them share screen. two users or more can not share screen simultaneously.(Also, we installed your new version that has same problem.)
more than two users, not working with screen sharing.
but your own server version that is is working well. one or two users or more can share screen simultaneously. how come is it possible and why? is there any configuration option for this?

Most probably UDP/10000 is not open to the public access

thanks Emrah UDP/10000 is open. but it is working with two users one of them share screen and other one sees it. but more than two users and more than two sharing not working.
in other hand is working full functional. i think is there a config trick?

I checked your server and the screen-sharing works with more than 2 participants for me. Did you fix it or is this a client side issue related with your environment?