Screen sharing does not work after upgrade

After upgrading our own Jitsi system to Jitsi Meet release 2.0.6826 screen sharing does not work anymore if started on Chrome and Edge .
It works only if started on Safari and Firefox.
The problem appears when more than two participants join the conference.
I tried the same test case on and all the test cases work well. So I expect this could be a configuration issue on our system.

Any suggestion on how to fix it?
Until now we didn’t find a solution.


Do you have any problem when testing with the same clients?

We did the same test case with the same clients on and we didn’t find any problem.

Since there is no problem on the client side, most probably you have a websocket issue or some issues because of old configs.

Is there any error in the browser JS console?

There has been a new stable release since, can you try that?

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Screenshot attached.

Not so easy. We upgrade cannot upgrade so often. Maybe I can plan the upgrade but it will take time.

This is a websocket problem. IMO the fastest solution is to reinstall the latest stable on a fresh system. Most probably an upgrade will not work because of the old configs.

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Upgrade to the new release solves the problem.