Screen sharing changes on the latest stable

Hi guys!

I’ve recently upgraded my environment from the 5390-stable to the latest stable and I’ve noticed some changes regarding the screen share, especially screen sharing from browser tab.

In the 5390 version, when a video was screen shared through the browser tab, the mic could be muted and still, the other participants could hear the audio from the video. With the mic muted, the other participants would hear only the audio from the video, not the audio from the participant who was screen sharing.

In the latest version, all of the above can still be done, only if the participant who is going to screen share, starts the conference audio muted. The moment the mic is turned on, it needs to be left turned on for the other participants to hear the audio from the video. But they also hear the audio from the participant who is screen sharing, and if he is in a noisy place, that could pose a problem.

The ugly workaround is to refresh page, in which the participants all start audio and video muted and then start screen sharing. Every time the participant wants to screen share.

So my question is: is there a misconfiguration on my end or in this new version, the browser tab screen sharing really changed?

Thank you.

the screen sharing most definitely changed as seen here. Maybe you could try to check on since the problem mentioned in the link is supposed to be fixed there ?

@thedoctorwho Can you please test and check if the issue is fixed there ? If its fixed there, it should make it to the next stable update which is going to be soon.

We made some changes recently to audio share from the browser tabs. The audio from the microphone will be mixed in with the audio coming from the browser tab only when the microphone is unmuted. Muting the microphone should not stop the browser tab audio from being shared in the conference.
There is also a new “audio share” button that lets you share only the audio from the tab.

Thank you @gpatel-fr and @jallamsetty!

I’ve tested on and apparently the same behaviour persists.

I’m going to describe the steps I took, just to see if I’m doing things right.

  • Enter the conference audio and video muted, start screen sharing. Everything works as expected, except for the mic, that it stays turned on. If I mute it, the audio from the video is also muted. But when unmuted, only the audio from video is heard.

  • Enter the conference audio and video muted, unmute mic (leave it umuted or muted it again), start screen sharing. The audio from the video is only heard if the mic is unmuted. Also, the audio from the participant who’s screen sharing is also heard.

@jallamsetty are those right?

Thank you for your help.

@thedoctorwho, doesn’t look like its working as expected. Thanks for reporting it, I will check with the team and get back to you.

@thedoctorwho Hello, the first case you mentioned seems to be a bug, managed to reproduce it and we’ll be working on it. As a temporary workaround, either unmute your microphone for 1 second before audio screen sharing (this is required once and if you join with your microphone muted) or restart your screen sharing session.

As for the second case, it was a deliberate change so expect it to be the standard functionality for now. We are planning on adding a separate control which would allow you to control the system audio stream separately. Thanks.

How do we get screen share view like this… this is very nice to see only speaker and his screen.