Screen sharing-- camera becomes recursive?

When trying to screen share in-browser, the camera does a strange thing that I can’t explain except to say that it becomes recursive. Here are pictures of what I’m talking about.

BTW, this happens in both Firefox and Chrome. I have tried incognito mode for both browsers in case an extension was causing it, but that did not fix the problem.

Bonjour, j’ai exactement le même problème que vous. Avez-vous trouvé une solution?

I have the same question. How do I avoid this? Am I doing something out of order?

Has anyone who has had this issue been able to solve it? I can share a separate application or another browser tab, but sharing the screen is useless.

When you share something, you will see a preview of what you are sharing. If you share your meeting window or your entire screen and keep the meeting window up in the front then your preview will loop back on itself.

Try with a few other people and share something else, not the just meeting page. (In other words, make the meeting / browser smaller or move it to the background to show something else on your screen)

Thanks for the feedback. I can appreciate what you’re saying, and yes it is certainly feasible to do that. The looping is disconcerting, however. I may want to demonstrate how to do something in Jitsi Meet to another user by sharing my own meeting window, which doesn’t seem possible unless I open a second room and share that window, And, although it is possible to turn the camera back on while sharing an application, it is apparently not possible to do so while sharing the screen.

While these are relatively minor annoyances and can be worked around as you state, I have not experienced this issue in other platforms such as Zoom, Webex Meet, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. it might be something for the developers to look at when time permits.

I understand that this looks not that pleasing but this is not a thing specific to jitsi.
Take a selfy right next to a monitor. Take the photo and display it on the monitor.
Do the same thing again a few times.
You will get the same recursive effect (thought less aggressive looking).

The effect will immediately disapear when you show something else than the Jitsi window (as it displays your video feed immediately). You can also make the jitsi window smaller which makes the effect less aggressive.
If you have a second monitor, you can also share the second monitor and not the monitor where the jitsi window is (you won’t get this effect there).

Some other solutions don’t have this effect because they don’t directly display your own video feed.
For me this is an important feature as I want to see what my colleagues are seeing (especially if only a certain window is shared and not the complete screen).

Thanks again for the response.