Screen sharing and recording

Hello jitsi team,

I’m a new comer to jitsi. I have two projects to develop and want to know whether Jitsi can handle the features I want.

  1. First Project:
    A web application can make a video call to another web application by web browser. During the video call, users can share the screen and record with video and audio. I see there is a function which can blur the video background in jitsi meet. Is it available now for developer to use?

  2. Second Project
    A IOS mobile app can make a video call to another web application by web browser. During the video call, users can share the screen and record with video and audio.

Other question to ask:
1 Does jitsi provide media server and Stun/Turn server?

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For first and second project : You can do as per your requirement .
In jitsi-meet is using google sturn by default and JVB Media server and if you want your media sever you can configured coturn server .

Dear Raj Yadav,

Thank you very much for your quick reply and help. I will try to study Jitsi. Thanks a lot!!

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Dear Jitsi team,

I try to use the to test the features. I find that when I use IOS device’s web browser,

  1. the browser cannot access the phone’s camera.
  2. need to click “play button” to play when other user shares his screen.

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Dear Jitsi Team,

I want to check my understanding and ensure the repositories that I need to use and study for development of our own first project application mentioned above.

1 . Frontend Web Application in React(custom GUI): repository to read: lib-jitsi-meet
2. Backend web server: repository to read: jigasi
3. Media Server: repository to read: jitsi-videobridge
4. Conference Recording: repository to read: jibri and jicofo
5. Turn and Stun Server: repository to read: ice4j
6. Screen Sharing: repository to read: jitsi-meet/conference.js
7. Blur the video background: repository to read: lib-jitsi-meet

Am I correct? Anything I need to pay attention to?

There are other questions I want to ask too:

  1. If I need a high availability system, which docs should I pay attention to?
  2. For the record function, there will be concurrent conference recording for our project. Should we need (n+1) jibri instances when we guess there will be n concurrent conference recordings occurred.
  3. For the function of blur the video background, which doc will suggest me to read?
  4. The previous question I ask:

Thank you very much for your time and kind attention.

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One more question to ask. Is docker essential to build the application?

Web and mobile UI is jitsi-meet. The lib-jitsi-meet is the library doing the signalling and uses webrtc to access devices and creates streams.

This is a gateway for sip interconnnection and doinng transcriptions.

Jibri is the recording component. Jicofo is the one orcestrating the conference and inviting different participants.

This is a library for managing ICE used by jitsi-videobridge to establish connections with clients.

Not really, UI in jitsi-meet, screensharing webrtc part in lib-jitsi-meet.

As a start watch the videos on the website

That is correct.

There are no docs, just read the code.

For mobile, we use a mobile app not browser, the code is in jitsi-meet, there is SDK to use when embedding in another app, there are docs about it in jitsi-meet repo.

Thank you for your patience and reply.

Can I build a custom UI via jitsi-meet?

Jitsi-meet is UI by itself, you can modify it, or get inspired and implement yours, using lib-jitsi-meet. But mind that this is substantial task …
The recommended way is to use the iframe API and embed jitsi-meet in your app. As this will save you the trouble with updates, which is one thing you need to consider, as browsers change every six weeks and the web code needs to follow them.

Thanks, let me try jitsi-meet first.

I am trying the jitst-meeting. I have some questions to ask:

  1. Can I remove the feedback page and thank page after hang up?
  2. Can I draw the recording button out of the list, and create a button by myself to activate the function of recording?


Yep, for close page, there is an option to redirect to welcome page. The feedback will be disabled.
I think moving the recording button through interface config overrides will not work. So then you have two options, make it work and send PR and wait for it to be deployed on, this is what you are currently using I suppose … through the API. Or deploy your instance and do your modifications there.

I am trying to setup server for Jitsi Meet by following the instruction of

I want to install Jitsi Videobridge, the file dies not find when wget{arch-buildnum}.zip

What should I do?


Thank you for your reply.
Where is the command for redirect to welcome page? I can’t find it in

For the recording, let me investigate.

Go to this link and download the compatible version with your OS

Don’t use that, you will have many problems till having something working. Use at first

enableClosePage: false You need this config in your config.js.

I follow the quick install to install the jitsi-meet on my ubuntu server successfully. I can launch the jitsi-meet with my domain name. By this way, how can I develop my application?

Method I guess:

  1. clone the jitsi-meet and modify the code inside?
    or 2. create the server and web myself, then use the iframe API to call the jitsi-meet?


Your guesses are right. You just need to clone modify, build and in the webserver change the root folder to the cloned and build one and that’s it.

Thank you for your reply.

If I need to deploy on Redhat, what can I do?

So then you need the manual install guide, but mind that its not up to date and few things may need modification.
Other option is to install on some Ubuntu and use it as a reference and transfer it to Redhat, and the easiest and best approach for you will be to use the docker images.
I just don’t know how to deploy custom jitsi-meet with docker, but I’m sure @saghul will have an idea.