Screen share resume or pause PPT program

When share my screen to run ppt program.In my screen run smoothly PPT presentation program but other user screen who joined our video conference showing their screen in RESUME OR PAUSE mode.Only voice is continue but PPT not continusly move.
What the resolution of this issue.
Please suggest ASAP.
Its very urgently need.

Rafikul, apologies, I do not understand what you are saying when you said “RESUME OR PAUSE” ?
If you are sharing a screen, my understanding is that your video is replace by a video stream of which ever screen you selected to share. So whatever happens on that screen should be seen by everyone in the meeting. Do other meeting participants have issues with seeing video?
I wonder how many people you have in your meeting, does this “RESUME OR PAUSE” happen to the video of other participants? Is your Jitsi server new? Or has your Jitsi server been used for a while and only now is having an issue?

The problem is when i tried to start a powerpoint and use the button “share your screen” to share my powerpoint on live, the video was block on the frst picture.
Last point, when i move my mouse on the ppt, we can see the mouse’s moving but the powerpoint don’t change when i switch the pictures.

I am guessing that you only have one monitor?

If I recall, most PPT programs expect two screens, for example a laptop and a projector. Though I have used a second monitor at times.

Can you use a second monitor, send the PPT output to this screen and then share that screen, not the screen you are controlling the slide show (PPT) from ?

In my video conference group more than 20 members joined at time .other screen not run powerpoint program

Are you using Windows 10 for your computer that you are running the PPT from?

windows 7

How many physical monitors (screen) does the Windows 7 computer have from which you are running the SlideShow ?

10-15 pc running windows 7 rest win 10

When I go to “Share your screen” in Jitsi;

  1. When using a linux desktop I can only share both my physical monitors or an application window.

  2. When I am in Windows 10 I can share Screen 1 or Screen 2. If I am controlling the slideshow from screen 1, and presenting to Screen 2, then I can share screen two and my Jitsi session shows Screen2 with my presentation to those in the meeting.

  3. When I am in Windows 10 instead of sharing Screen 1 or Screen 2, I can also share an application window, if start the slide show (and I first have to start the slide show), I can share the full screen window that is showing the presentation and they can see me change the slides. But if at any time I stop the slide show, it only shows the last slide that I was showing.
    It is only when I have started the slideshow that “Share your screen” in Jitsi shows the third PPT application window, which in my computer is named “Presenting:”.

Sorry, I meant physical monitors connected to the computer from which you are presenting the slideshow.

This is all implementation in the browser and we do not have control over it.
This sounds like this one 935004 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

Those bugs need to be filed or tracked in the corresponding browser issue tracker.

damencho, you could be right. Though I suspect a solution would be for Rafikul was able to share the physical screen to which the slideshow is being presented to, instead of sharing the PPT slideshow output window?

cheked through this link.its working fine and slide show is moving

i am checking both win 7 and win 10 both os having same issue .powerpoint ppt not move next when click button on slideshow

please give mail id i’ll sent the video clip of issue

JitsiShareScreenInFireFox JitsiShareScreenInEdge.PNG

Instead of using mail, can you can upload pictures, but remove any personal details from image.

I would ask if you can try to share a screen, not the PPT application’s Window, see my uploaded images, showing the selection of sharing “Screen 1”, as an example. Please let me know what happens? Do you see this option? And when you share your screen, to others see the screen without issues. You could try loading up Notepad or Paint in that screen (e.g. Screen 1) and people in the meeting should see you typing into Notepad, or drawing in Paint.