Screen Share Issue

We are testing flags: sourceNameSignaling=true and sendMultipleVideoStreams=true on


User A and User B are in a conference. User A shares screen. So far, so good. User B leaves the conference. User B then returns to the conference. User B should still be able to view Users A’s screen share. No dice.

I recently read about a related issue where User A stops and then restarts a screen share.

This needs something to be enabled on the backend. We are doing a new release that will do that, so probably tomorrow you can test the multistreaming.

Something told me you guys were already on it. Thanks!

So you are testing p2p, this case is also fixed in the new release that is going out.

The word multistreaming was mentioned frequently, @damencho can you share more details on what it is and what is the problem it solves?



you can send to streams not one, allows you to send your video and the screen sharing in two separate streams.

@damencho Looks like the above issue has been resolved in the new release.

However, Resolution and Frame Rate are showing N/A:


On, the recording does not contain video from the camera.
Only the avatar image and sound.

flags: {
  sourceNameSignaling: true,
  sendMultipleVideoStreams: true