Screen Share is very blur

I have self hosted the jitsi on my own premises, My solution for video conference is in production already.
The problem which my clients are facing is screen sharing quality. When there are only two participants connected, screen sharing quality is good but once a third participant joins the room the screen sharing quality starts deteriorating and it’s very blurry.
Following configuration settings i applied by reading the community previous feedback but the problem is still there.

1) enableLayerSuspension: true

2) maxFullResolutionParticipants: -1

3) disableSimulcast: true,

4) preferH264: true,
** desktopSharingFrameRate: {**
** min: 30,**
** max: 30**
** },**

5) videoQuality: {
** preferredCodec: “VP9”,**
** maxBitratesVideo: {**
** low: 200000,**
** standard: 500000,**
** high: 1500000,**
** },**
** minHeightForQualityLvl: {**
** 360: “standard”,**
** 720: “high”,**
** },**
** },**

Ping @jallamsetty

Isn’t 30 a really high frame rate for desktop sharing?
Default is 5. You might want to try lowering it a bit.

Yap I changed to 5fps and rest the settings remain same which I shared above. Quality is much improved . Tomorrow QA team would give the report so I hope everything should work smoothly.

@Grass2Class Why do you have simulcast disabled ? This will impact overall quality of both camera and screenshare streams and the bridge will not be able to adapt the media streams to the users available downlink bandwidth.


I have reset the setting of disableSimulcast from true to false. My QA team is testing now. Hopefully this issue will be fix. I will be in touch with you guys if I need more help on this issue.

Thanks to the Jitsi community, I highly appreciate your efforts.