Screen share flickering in Chrome 83 on Windows on many machines

We have many users and have noticed that screen share flickers on Chrome 83 in Windows on many machines. It almost seems like it is quickly switching between two different resolutions back and forth at the specified frame rate. The problem disappears when rolling back to Chrome 80 or when using Firefox (or when using Chrome 83 on a Mac). The problem seems to be happening on the receiving end, because viewing in Firefox shows no flicker for the exact same media stream. Also, the problem seems to be alleviated when the screen being shared is not maximized to full screen (or entire desktop), so it may be related to the resolution of the screen being shared.

At first I thought it was a problem with our config, but it reproduces consistently on as well. Kind of surprised not to see any forum topics on this so far, as this problem is widespread among our users and is extremely distracting.

I have the same issue.
screensharing from chrome to chrome

chrome to firefox, firefox to chrome and firefox to firefox works great.

Sorry my previous post was completely wrong, I deleted it.

Actually the parameter that fixed our flickering issue is in interface_config.js:

I already had this option selected by default. I am still having the same issue


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This fixed my issue! thank you!

Its the Chrome/Chromium GPU Acceleration. If you start the Browser with --disable-gpu , the flickering disappear.

i am also facing this issue when i share screen than its flickering on both side (Receiver & Sender) after that i switch to camera track than flickering gone i used “JitsiConference.replaceTrack” function . what’s actually i am doing wrong ??